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JR Okazaki Station

JR Okazaki Station (Click to enlarge)
JR Okazaki Station
(Click to enlarge photo)

J.R. Okazaki Station is a major stop on the Tokaido Line - the main trunk line between Tokyo and Osaka. All express trains stop here. It is also the rail junction for the Aichi Kanjo Line that runs towards northern Okazaki, Toyota and Seto. The station is just 6 or 7 minutes from the campus, and there's also plenty of room in the bicycle stands. If you are arriving to begin studies we can meet you at the station so that you don't have to struggle with heavy luggage. If you are arriving by train please telephone us (0564-55-8111) before you board the train to Okazaki and then wait for our vehicles at the meeting point for new arrivals.

Although the station is busy, our campus is in a quiet residential area known as Hane-cho. The surrounding area is mainly single standing houses (bungalows) with some apartments. By Japanese standards it is a very low density housing environment for an urban area.

Entry/Exit Gates (Click to enlarge)
Entry/Exit Gates
(Click to enlarge photo)

Walking to the station is fairly quick, (its much quicker to bicycle to the station than drive).

Around the station there are some small shops, convenience stores, cafes, izakaya (bars) etc. If you are catching a bus or train you can buy something to eat or drink until its time to go.

Ticket Office (Click to enlarge)
Ticket Office
(Click to enlarge photo)

One of the advantages of being so close to the station is that you can quickly get to almost anywhere in central Japan (anywhere east from Okazaki to Tokyo, Nagano, Kyoto, north into Takayama and the alps, or west to Osaka and the Kansai region cities of Kobe etc) very quickly. There is extensive travel information available on this homepage in the location section accessed from the center homepage. Please browse through it after you have finished reading this campus guide.

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