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International Office

The International Office is another key contact point for Yamasa students. It includes admissions - all emails and other inquiries regarding Yamasa programs, accommodation, development, policy and so forth are responded to by the international staff.

The office works closely with Customer Services - providing close support for students welfare, academic progress, contact with universities and companies, and scholarship providers. Together with the multimedia studio, staff from this office supervise the production of www.yamasa.org content. A large amount of the content is actually produced by Yamasa students - including many of the files you are reading on this homepage.

All of the foreign staff members are graduates of Yamasa and are Japanese speakers. Our Japanese staff members are also unique, all of whom are able to speak foreign languages and have experienced extensive overseas study. This is deliberate, instead of recruiting teachers or managers, we have recruited staff whose experience of a classroom is that of a student's perspective. This team is available to support you with your studies, and adjusting to life in Okazaki.

Incorporated into the International Office is a Business Center. Business people coming to Yamasa for courses often stay in touch with their companies by making use of the facilities, although the services are of course open to all. Students who need access to everything a business center in a 5 star hotel can provide will find it here including printing, secretarial, computing services, cellular telephone rental, assistance with travel bookings, technical support etc - all at prices well below the prevailing market rates.

To view full details of the facilities please click on the link buttons on the left hand side of this page.

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