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Yamasa II Building Faculty Offices

Yamasa II Building
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The ground floor of the Yamasa II building contains the faculty offices for the Academic Programs (Acceleration, AIJP, AJSP) and the offices of the Hattori Foundation. Please note that only the faculty members involved in Academic Program delivery are based here - all teachers involved in Extension programs, Online & Distance programs and off-campus programs are usually based in Aoi Hall or elsewhere.

Yamasa II Building
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For students in the Acceleration, AIJP or AJSP Programs, this office is the main point of contact outside class hours. If you have questions regarding your studies, are having difficulty with some content and require clarifications or explanations, then you can approach faculty at any time. There is a consultation area where you can sit with teachers and receive one-to-one advice. There is no charge for this assistance.

The office is open plan and provides the faculty with a relaxed environment for planning lessons and developing teaching materials - for this reason the consultation area is partitioned off to provide more privacy. It is also possible to arrange to meet faculty in the consultation room on the 3rd floor or in a classroom after hours - the key advantage of doing so being the availability of the whiteboards.

Students also visit the faculty office to obtain additional study materials. Sometimes the textbook that you are using in class may not be sufficient in detail for your needs. Everybody who learns a language such as Japanese will discover that some things are easy, some more difficult, and that this will differ from person to person. If there is a particular point of grammar or other problem that you are encountering difficulties with, then you can usually obtain additional help and study materials from the faculty office.

The audio tapes and video tapes, headphones and some learning software are available from the office. Students who wish to borrow headphones for the TV/Video or computers in the Library can also obtain them here. There is no charge for borrowing headphones or study materials.

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