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Yamasa II Building Coffee Room

Yamasa II Building
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Many Yamasa students prefer to study in the classrooms after hours rather than in the library or back at their accommodation. The main reasons for this seem to include a preference for being close to faculty members - so that they can ask questions immediately instead of the following day - and because the classrooms are available for those who wish to practise conversation in small groups, or study alone in order to record their voice and playback without disturbing other students, or to use the LAN to convert a classroom into a private multimedia lab.

The end result is that many students spend a significant amount of time on campus, and we want to ensure that our students are comfortable. There are vending machines on the ground floors of the Yamasa II building and Aoi Hall, as well as outside Sakura House, but sometimes the best coffee/tea/whatever can only be made your way. The coffee room on the 4th floor of the Yamasa II building is very simple. Hot water is provided along with a microwave oven. We do ask that students bring their own coffee mug (the fewer disposable cups used the better) and provide their own coffee, tea etc, as well as keep the room clean.

One thing to note! This room should only be used during lunch or after classes have finished for the day. Yamasa is a fairly relaxed environment for studies, but one of our rules is that you should not eat or drink during classes - it distracts both your teachers and fellow students. We don't have many rules at Yamasa, its a fairly relaxed place, and as far as rules pertaining to classrooms are concerned thats about it.

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