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Summary of Key Advantages of studying at Yamasa

QUESTION: Why has Yamasa become one of Japan's leading and fastest growing schools???

Most students realize that the opportunity to study full-time in Japan may be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Please think carefully about the following. It is a major investment of time and resources. In the future you will have other commitments - and so it is important to be sure that you choose the right school, achieve fluency, and then be able to set about getting the maximum possible return on your investment.

ANSWER: Because there is no substitute for high quality.

The keys to your success are found at Yamasa. We are a non-profit, non-government organization with one focus only - helping you master Japanese. We are more intensive - offering more classes per week and more classes per year than any other school. We pay more for a good quality teaching faculty - essential for your success. We are virtually the only JSL school that has invested in state of the art facilities - our campus is wired and the laboratories and facilities are better than most Japanese universities.

The advantages of studying at Yamasa.

The accreditation body (APJLE) requires a maximum class size of 20 students. However at Yamasa we believe that 20 is too many for quality language study. At Yamasa the maximum class size is 15 students, and the average is just 11.6 - in our extension program classes, the year round average is just 6.2 students per class. This ensures that there is not only better student/teacher interaction, but that the difference in language proficiency between students in each class is significantly less than in other schools.

We offer higher levels of intensity. Yamasa offers more classes per week and more classes per year (900-1050 depending on the program instead of the usual 800-820) than any other school. We offer more classes and more intensity because our students know that the opportunity to study in Japan may be a once-in-a-lifetime experience and they want to be sure they will achieve fluency.

All of our classrooms are modern with excellent light, air-conditioning and by Japanese standards very large amounts of space. All students have wide desks and the desks are arranged in a U shape configuration so as to maximize student/faculty interaction.

A highly professional and well-paid faculty with years of experience in teaching JSL. A key distinction between Yamasa and other schools is that we pay more for a good quality teaching faculty - essential for our students' success. Only the best teachers and instructors join our faculty. All of our academic staff are highly experienced and fully qualified teachers of Japanese as a second language. Many of our staff have also taught Japanese abroad, either on Yamasa academic exchanges around the world or prior to their joining Yamasa. Supporting the students and academic staff is a multi-lingual and highly experienced administration able to make your life easier from enrolment to graduation.

Yamasa uses an unusual format known as team teaching - with teams of 4-5 faculty members per class. It ensures that you receive a variety of teaching styles.

Every single student at Yamasa receives individual attention from a designated academic advisor. This means that as you progress through your studies you always have one faculty member advising you who has a very detailed knowledge of your needs and aspirations.

Library, Language lab/computing labs with easy access to in-house printing and copying facilities. Our campus is located in a residential area just 6 minutes walk from Okazaki Station on the main JR Tokaido (Tokyo-Osaka) line. Completely renovated with full air-conditioning, western style amenities and easy access to staff. We are virtually the only school that has invested in state of the art facilities - our laboratories and facilities are better than most Japanese universities.

Free unlimited email and high speed internet access including on weekends. The fiber optic network links the computer labs with the classrooms and also extends to the accommodation ensuring 24 hour access.

Student Photos
Yamasa Homestay Program

We provide homestays and home visit opportunities to increase your conversational fluency and cultural understanding. The lower price of land in Okazaki results in larger houses than in Tokyo or Osaka. Not only are higher quality homestays easier to obtain but also Yamasa invests a lot of energy into the Homestay program. The homestays give you not only the opportunity to practice your language skills and intimately experience the culture, it also provides a priceless chance to communicate across cultures and make long lasting friendships.

Guaranteed, at low cost, and within walking distance of the campus. A low cost/low stress lifestyle unequalled by any other school. Students (especially with families) who come to Japan generally find obtaining good convenient housing a real headache. Most students cannot afford high rents and end up living in substandard housing and have long train or subway commutes. Many institutions rely heavily on private vendors for accomodation. By comparison Yamasa has its own (not leased) student housing within easy walking distance of the campus. Every student who enrolls in Yamasa is guaranteed appropriate, safe, affordable student housing.

Many Japanese educational institutions aim to be, many claim to be, however very few are. Yamasa is one of the few schools with an admissions policy that emphasizes the importance of a diverse student intake - and perhaps the only one that consistently maintains it. Diversity is essential for successful language training. At the moment Yamasa is the ONLY school in Japan:

A) With no majority language. AND
B) Where neither Chinese nor Korean speakers form a majority of students AND
C) With large numbers of European and North American students AND
D) That deliberately establishes language diversity in each and every classroom.

Yamasa students come from all over the world. Japanese is usually the only medium they can communicate to each other in. It is more than just the language of instruction - it rapidly becomes the language of communication. The result is a dynamic group of people from many different cultural backgrounds, with very different experiences and outlooks - but all seeking to discover both Japan and themselves in an unusually stimulating academic environment.

All of our courses are academically oriented. The Yamasa programs stress all four language skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Rapid progress in the language encourages students to make the most of their developing fluency. You will soon find yourself rigorously preparing for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. Every year, all of our students seeking University or College positions are successful. All of them. Many universities accept Yamasa graduates on our recommendation.

Yamasa is located in the heart of the Mikawa region - the home of Toyota and many of the biggest names in Japanese industry. The region is prosperous and through our links to various Japanese companies, internship program and job placement service, we can offer more career opportunities for our students than other institutions.

Scholarship Awarding ceremony...
Scholarship Awarding ceremony...
Yamasa has a comprehensive scholarship and financial aid support system including agreements with universities around the world. Yamasa is able to extend opportunities to students usually ignored by other Japanese institutions. We take our aim more seriously. The sponsorship provided by the Hattori Foundation (est.1919) means that we are virtually the only school able to offer a wide range of assistance.

The Japanese Government has assessed and authorized Yamasa to be the only Institute in the Mikawa region with the appropriate programs, systems, curriculum and facilities required for quality Japanese language education. Yamasa has the highest level of accreditation currently available and so can offer faster visa processing and a longer period of stay (1 year renewable) than many other institutions. Yamasa was a founding member of the regulating body: The Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education.

The Institute is non-profit and its high quality courses are delivered at cost. The fact is that there is no need whatsoever to pay Tokyo rents or Osaka prices in order to study in Japan. Located conveniently in the historic central part of Japan, Yamasa and Okazaki offer not only quality but also affordability.

We provide a free airport transfer service from Nagoya airport using the airport limosine bus service and provide a free pickup and accommodation transfer service from Okazaki station.

For quality - no other school matches Yamasa.

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